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I normally avoid the topic of politics, but this was an exception.

Eugene Terre’Blanche murdered. Now what?

Posted by Peet Brits on April 4, 2010

Normally I do not involve myself with politics, but this in an exception.

Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered on Saturday. I was never a big fan of the AWB, but hell I am angry! Is no one safe anymore?

Violence is not the answer.

Nelson Mandela had a dream of a united South Africa. The ANC today does not care about his dreams. They only piggybacked on his fame to get to a position of authority, and now we have “reversed apartheid,” where all the fingers are pointed at the whites while they screw South Africa over. You could say they stabbed Nelson Mandela in the back, and now he is too old to fight back.

Where should we turn?

Helen Zille from the DA has done a lot for South Africa. She was named the world’s best major in 2008. You might blame me now for advertising a political party, but I belief the DA is the only party with the potential and capacity to unite South Africa.

Some people will not vote for the DA because they are not against gay marriages or abortions, but what does that have to do with ruling a nation? Those are moral issues, not government issues. Gays will be gay regardless of what government has to say about it. The same goes for abortions.

The ANC has had almost two decades to prove their ability to run South Africa, but as far as I am concerned, they failed. Perhaps I exaggerate, but ask any person that regularly reads the news what they think of the ANC and its rulers. I am not even going to bother to begin giving examples.

Our challenge is to get the majority of black people in South Africa to realise this. Democracy cannot work in a country where it is white versus black, because in this country the blacks will always outnumber the whites. We must work together to make them see that our current government, the ANC, only cares about their own ways.

Do not take my word for it, follow Helen Zille on FaceBook and decide for yourself.

Enough ranting from me. This post will probably not reach a big enough audience to make a difference, but I can only hope. So much for a happy Easter.


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