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About (General)

Much of my increasing knowledge is not directly work related. This often makes me wonder if I should not make a slight career change to be able to use it. Sadly, that is easier said than done. The money is good and I have debts to pay.

One Dose Work and One Dose Life

This seems to be the overarching theme of my blog. Professionally, I am in the Software Development industry, so some posts range from detail coding to general management. I cannot limit my life to a single area, so I have a wide range of posts regarding healthy living and maintaining one’s sanity.

My posts are categorised by topics located on the left. Just pick your topic of interest and read away. Due to my studies and other personal reasons, I am not very active on this blog. Now my studies are further delayed due to personal reasons, so who knows how the future will turn out.

About the Punch Line

I like to see myself as an open-minded individual. I try to consider all kinds of ideas, even though they might differ from my personal beliefs. It is never easy to admit when one is wrong, but I like to think that this openness to ideas keeps me humble. I compare ideas against my existing ones, and often get a strong intuitive hint if things are wrong, or “does not make any sense.”

It is in my nature to be a very loyal person, but life taught me not to accept anything at face value. I still give people and statements the benefit of the doubt, but I always remind myself that time is the only proof of truth and character.

Work Related

A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand. My dream is to practically combine my ideas with work/life.

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One Response to “About (General)”

  1. Cape Seal said

    Hi Peet,

    I’ve had a quick look at your article before going to bed. It sounds real interesting – would love to take a closer look some other time when my brain is a little bit more clear & awake. You seem like quite a handsome, intellectual guy!!…..and you’re right, we need some articles with more woomah & positive suggestions. Go for it!!

    Cape Seal

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