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About (Technical)

Ever since I was old enough to be over dinosaurs, robots, monkeys and pirates, the thing that fascinated me the most, other than computer software, was the human brain. That is not just the inner workings of the brain, but rather its psychological expression in terms of personality and behaviour. As long as I can remember I always caught myself staring at people, trying to match their behaviour with a personality stereotype, and then use this stereotype as a basis to figure out how different and unique they are from other people with similar stereotypes. (Back then my stereotypes were limited to the four temperaments of Aristotle.)

I am currently a) doing a Masters degree in leadership, which includes understanding of human behaviour; and b) reading a book on intelligence, attempting to match the human cortex with computer systems.

My speciality has always been building software libraries and frameworks. I would not describe myself as a practical inventor, but rather someone who finds patterns and them simplifies or combines the details. I do not invent, I solve. I must confess, I know how to type, but I am a lazy typist. My “lazy” approach is that I would rather use an hour to create a re-usable component before I spend ten minutes to copy and modify other code.

I am still not fully over pirates.


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