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Does true love exists?

Posted by Peet Brits on May 25, 2010

Or to rephrase the question, is it possible to fall in love and stay together with the same person your entire life? Even if this love is your first love?

The mushy short-term loving feeling is to pull people together, and once they are together they need to commit to make it work.

My grandfather died a few weeks ago. I was always amazed when I looked at my grandparent’s marriage. They were always together, worked hard to maintain the house, and always did everything as a team. Yes they argued a lot because they got frustrated with each other, but even then it was as if they knew that, no matter what, they were always better off together.

This mindset that life is hard and you have to make it work, no matter what, is something that died away a few generations back. We no longer know the meaning of commitment. We no longer know the meaning of family. Life has become too easy and too comforting. We sit lazily on the couch and watch TV. We quit our job and get a new one. People enter relationships only to have fun, kiss and have sex, and when things get rough, they quit and get a new one. Etc. etc. etc.

And yes, all people are not like this, but this has definitely become the trend. My point is not that true love does not exists any more, but that our modern society has suffocated it.


3 Responses to “Does true love exists?”

  1. Crissy said

    I so agree with you…Most of the people no longer know the word commitment and it’s meaning. It’s a sad truth we live on.

  2. anonymoususer6 said

    Love does exist and to make any relationship work, you have to make an effort. Unfortunately people have become less patient and give up so easily now a days.

  3. Peet Brits said

    To make matters worse, people are beginning to describe parenting as breeding and marriage as an unnecessary old tradition. People no longer understand what it is all about, but judging by the increasingly high divorce rate and early loss of innocence, I cannot say that I blame them.

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